What We Believe...

Jesus is everything.  Our beliefs reflect what Jesus demonstrated as well as how we are to reflect him in our life as a church.

  • Jesus demonstrated that everyone could find a place to belong with him, and we want to be that kind of place.  We don’t see ourselves as better than people who don’t know Jesus.  In fact, we believe that we’re all in the same boat.  We believe that everyone has the same needs for love and acceptance, and we have found both in Jesus.  We want to help others find that as well.

  • Jesus demonstrated an amazing willingness to sacrifice.  We want to do the same.  The church doesn’t exist for us; we are the church and we exist to love and serve others.

  • We believe that church is not primarily about what happens on Sunday mornings or in our other worship assemblies.  Our whole life is an expression of worship of who Jesus is and what he’s done in our lives.

  • Jesus made courageous decisions and followed God into scary, even impossible circumstances.  We want to be the same way.  We want to follow with reckless abandon and be willing to risk anything to go where he leads.

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